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Are you a veteran with a service-connected disability? Do you receive disability compensation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)? We know that many veterans rely on disability payments for financial assistance and support, and many veterans wonder how disability pay will change from year to year. Veterans who receive VA disability benefits want to know – what will VA disability pay rates be in 2024? We can help answer your questions about VA disability benefits here at Coskrey Law in Evans, GA.

How Much Will VA Disability Rates Increase in 2024?

VA Disability Pay Documents

Each year the cost of living increases in the United States and that cost increase impacts veterans who receive monthly disability pay. To combat the increased cost of living, the Department of Veterans Affairs employs a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that changes each year based on the economy and recent economic data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Veteran disability pay saw a record 8.7% COLA increase in the past year – but veterans can expect a more modest increase in 2024. The estimated COLA increase for veteran disability pay in 2024 is expected to be 3.1%. The final cost-of-living adjustment will be updated on December 1, 2023.

Estimated 2024 VA Disability Pay Chart

Status10% Disability20% Disability30% Disability40% Disability50% Disability
Single Veteran$170.90$337.83$523.29$753.82$1,073.07
Veteran with Child$170.90$337.83$564.49$809.44$1,142.08
Veteran with Parent$170.90$337.83$572.73$819.74$1,156.50
Married Veteran$170.90$337.83$585.09$836.22$1,176.08
Married Veteran with Child$170.90$337.83$630.41$896.99$1,252.29
Additional Children Under 18N/AN/A$30.90$41.20$51.50
Additional Children 18 – 23N/AN/A$99.91$132.87$166.86
Status60% Disability70% Disability80% Disability90% Disability100% Disability
Single Veteran$1,359.24$1,712.95$1,991.14$2,237.56$3,730.61
Veteran with Child$1,442.67$1,809.77$2,102.38$2,362.19$3,869.71
Veteran with Parent$1,459.15$1,829.34$2,124.01$2,386.91$3,897.54
Married Veteran$1,483.87$1,858.18$2,156.97$2,423.99$3,938.61
Married Veteran with Child$1,574.51$1,964.27$2,278.51$2,560.98$4,090.93
Additional Children Under 18$61.80$72.10$82.40$92.70$103.35
Additional Children 18 – 23$199.82$232.78$266.77$299.73$333.84

How Can Coskrey Law Help Veterans?

Coskrey Law – located in Evans, GA to the Northwest of Augusta – is a veteran disability law firm that hopes to provide assistance to Georgia veterans in need. Veterans who suffer with a service-connected injury, illness or medical condition may have questions about how to apply for disability pay and compensation. Coskrey Law and Attorney Ryan Coskrey can help veterans apply for disability benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and if your claim is denied, can help you appeal the decision and get the benefits that you have earned with your years of service and your sacrifice. We want to get to know you and your case and provide you with a personalized approach to your veteran disability case.  

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Veterans who receive disability want to know – what will VA disability pay rates be in 2024? We can help answer your questions with this brief breakdown and pay chart for estimated disability pay rates. Contact Coskrey Law today for a FREE case evaluation!