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You served your country honorably and gave yourself to protect America’s freedoms. You are owed a debt of gratitude for your sacrifice and your service, and yet dealing with the VA can leave you feeling left behind. If you have been injured while serving, you may be entitled to VA disability benefits. Attorney Ryan J. Coskrey and Coskrey Law are committed to helping you receive what you are owed.

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VA disability claims can be complicated, especially when a claim is denied and you must appeal. Do not risk your benefits and your future security by attempting to navigate the complex web of rules and regulations yourself. Coskrey Law can assist you at all stages of your claim and will fight to resolve your disability benefits claim quickly and successfully.

Fighting for America’s Veterans at All Levels of the VA Claims Process

Filing for disability benefits through the VA is not an easy task. After carefully combing through your medical and service history, the VA will determine if you have sustained an injury or illness that is connected to your service and, if so, how severely this impacts your ability to work. The first question determines whether you receive any benefits at all, and the second question determines the size of your benefits award.

The VA can and will deny your claim if they do not find sufficient evidence to support your claim. This means your claim can be denied because the VA found:

  • You are not suffering from a recognized injury or illness
  • You do have a condition but that condition is not connected to your time in the service
  • You are not eligible for benefits because of the nature of your discharge
  • Your condition does not impair your ability to work

Turn to Coskrey Law to assist you at all stages of the claims process. In addition to helping you submit a successful initial claim, we can also assist with the following if your claim has already been denied:

Supplemental Claims

You have the right to present additional evidence to the VA and have them reconsider yoru claim in light of the new evidence.

Higher-Level Review

You can request that a more senior claims processer with the VA look at your claim again with a fresh set of eyes.

Board of Veterans’ Appeals

You can submit additional evidence and take your case before a veterans law judge, asking that judge to grant you benefits.

Additional Appellate Options

If your claim is still unsuccessful following an appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, you can request the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, a civilian appeals court, review your case.

When you hire Coskrey Law, you have an experienced veterans advocate who is intimately familiar with the VA disability claims process and the options available to you. From start to finish, Coskrey Law will not stop fighting for you and your benefits.

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