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Earlier this month, the VA announced that veterans receiving disability benefits will soon see an increase in those benefits thanks to a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase. Veterans who have been receiving VA disability benefits for years likely know what to expect and how this increase will impact them. 

However, if you are one of the 1.7 million veterans whose disability compensation claims got approved last year, you might have questions about what this year’s COLA means. Here are three takeaways you should know:

Veterans Disability Benefits Will Increase by 3.2 Percent in 2024

Congress routinely approves COLA increases each year, but the amount of each increase can vary from one year to the next. Any increase is tied to the Consumer Price Index, which  measures the average cost of certain goods and services in an urban market. It also regularly matches the COLA implemented by the Social Security Administration for its beneficiaries.

This year, the COLA increase as announced is 3.2 percent. This means that a single veteran with a 10 percent disability rating will see their monthly benefit go from $165.92 per month to $171.23.

COLA Increase Will be Effective January 2024

While the amount of the COLA increase has already been announced, it will not take effect until sometime early next year. If you are receiving benefits now, you will not notice a change in your monthly benefit amount until sometime in January 2024. 

Moreover, these COLA increases are not retroactive. You will not see any amount paid for the time period between when the increase was announced in October 2023 and when you begin receiving your increased benefits in January 2024.

There is Nothing You Need to Do to Receive the COLA

The cost-of-living adjustment approved by Congress takes effect automatically. There is no separate application, approval process, or waiting period you need to satisfy before you can receive the adjustment. This is true not just of this year’s COLA increase but any such adjustment that Congress may authorize in the future.

That being said, it is always a good idea to check your benefits statement each month, If you do not see a 3.2 percent increase in your monthly disability benefits with your January 2024 monthly benefit payment, you should check on the matter and see if there has been a delay in the COLA increase taking effect.

Where to Get Your VA Disability Questions Answered in Evans 

Getting your VA disability benefits claim approved and benefits started can be a confusing process, especially for new applicants. Evans VA disability lawyer Ryan Coskrey and Coskrey Law are available to answer any questions you may have about your VA benefits, including how this year’s COLA will affect your individual situation. When you have tried to apply for benefits but been denied, we can help you with your next steps in appealing that decision.

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