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va disability

No matter the condition for which you are seeking VA disability benefits, chances are good that you will need to complete a compensation and pension exam, often called a C&P exam. This is the medical exam the VA uses to assess the severity of your condition and how much compensation you should receive.

To say that the C&P exam is important to your claim is an understatement. Doing or saying the wrong thing while you are with your examiner can potentially affect the amount of VA disability benefits you receive. If you have been notified that you will need to appear for a C&P exam, prepare for the appointment as you would for any other significant appointment.

What Not To Say to the C&P Examiner

One of the most significant ways to prepare for your C&P exam is to consider what you should and should not say during your exam. Three helpful tips to assist you in preparing include the following:

Do Not Say You are Fine

No matter the reason why you might be tempted to say it, do not tell the examiner you feel fine or you are having a good day. You are not fine: if you were, you would have no need to apply for VA disability benefits. You can be pleasant with the examiner, but do not mask over the pain you are experiencing.

Do Not Say Anything That is Not True

Next, think carefully about how you can accurately talk about your pain and other symptoms you are experiencing. You do not want to exaggerate your experience and say things that are not true. This can make you lack credibility with the examiner and give reason for them to discount your reports.

On the other hand, you do not want to minimize your symptoms, either. If you downplay how much pain you are in or the limitations you face, your examiner might award you a lower amount of compensation.

Instead, describe your symptoms, pain and limitations as objectively as possible. Provide specific examples to back up your descriptions.

Do Not Say Nothing

You do not want to remain silent during your C&P exam. While your examiner will conduct their own examination of you, there are things about your condition that no physical exam will reveal. These things include how severe your pain is, the limitations you have actually experienced, and the efforts you have made to adapt to your condition. This is all information that your examiner will need to know that only you can provide.

What To Do If Your VA Claim is Not Successful

If your VA claim does not result in the compensation you feel you deserve, you may the right to appeal. Contact your Evans VA disability claim lawyer at Coskrey Law, LLC to discuss your situation and the benefits to which you may be entitled. We can help you file an appeal and will guide you in how to maximize your chances. 

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